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Dragonfly Pillows

I might have mentioned that I have a little thing for dragonflies.  I recently decided to add some dragonfly detail to pillows that I have in the living room.  These were plain ol’ checkered pillows.  Nothing special.  I knew when I purchased them that I’d probably do something to them – just wasn’t sure what.  Enter the dragonflies.



First things first. I cut up an old cream colored pillowcase.  This was pre-sewing machine so I just used my handy dandy No Sew Glue to add a cream colored square to my pillow.  I really just glued it on.  Luckily these pillows have zippers so I was able to take the pillow part out & just work with the cover.  After I glued the cream colored square I cut ribbon to make a border.  Easy enough, right?  I then glued the ribbon on the pillow as well.   The ribbon is from Michael’s.

The extra special part is the dragonfly.  I bought a dragonfly stamp (Michael’s again) and brown ink.  I stamped a dragonfly on the center of each cream colored square.  I practiced a little on paper first but it was very simple.

Plain jane to fancy schmancy in less than 30 minutes.  Easy peasy.   Adding detail to anything always make a house a home.  🙂  Oh, and I made TWO – one for each chair.

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  1. What a “COOL” added touch to that cute pillow…luv it! Come by and enter my COASTAL GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!


  2. Love that dragonfly pillow. I have a dragonfly stamp so will get that puppy out and practice on some paper also. When I stamp on fabric I seem to get a shadow effect cause I get paint or ? on other part of stamp where it doesn’t belong. I’ve since learned to keep a qtip handy to clean off where ink or? doesn’t belong. I love making pillow covers or putting something else on a plain one, great way to add some new color.
    At first I thought you’d used an image from Graphics Fairy til I got a better look at your pillow.
    We’re all a work in progress all our lives, keep up the good work.

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