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Newspaper Stockings

Welcome to the Two Story Infirmary.  The sickness that has plagued this house is still rearing its’ ugly head.  Oh, and Mr. C got his impacted*into the sinus cavity*wisdom teeth removed on Friday.  Why was that scheduled for the busiest month of the year you ask? It seems that the dentist said they needed to be removed a.s.a.p.  Someone might have been putting it off.   That someone is paying dearly now. 

I have taken off my nurse’s hat for just a moment so that I can join up with Kate’s Christmas craft party this week!  I’m a big fan of Centsational Girl so I’m excited to link up. I feel like maybe just maybe I actually did something that hasn’t been done in blogland.  I got several comments about the newspaper stockings on my mantel post saying just that.

Newspaper Stockings.  Skills required? NONE.  Easy. Fast. Cheap.  Fun.

  • Grab a pile of newspaper that is ready for the recycle bin.
  • Pick out four (single) sheets of the paper.  Pay attention to the one piece that will be the front of the stocking.  I chose to use the comics section on each for a cohesive & fun look.
  • Grab an old stocking from your stash and use it to trace the shape onto the newspaper.  Or you can freehand it.  Make it 2-3 inches longer than you want the stocking.

  • Stack the four sheets together and cut out the stocking.  
  • Staple around the edges of the stocking.  No worries – the staples blend right in with the newspaper.   Leave the top 2-3 inches without staples.
  • Fold down the top 2 pieces and the back 2 pieces on opposite sides.  Staple the edges.  You now have your pocket.


  • Create fringe with your scissors.  I punched a hole and then threaded it with raffia for hanging.


    I stuffed each newspaper with more newspaper to make them slightly three dimensional.  I do this with my regular stockings as well.  
    The newspaper makes a good “for show” stocking but doesn’t hold much in the way of real weight.  If you don’t have an “extra” mantel (or fantel) they would look good on a staircase or hanging on a ribbon in a hall.  You could do names or an initial instead of fringe.  There are so many possibilities!

    Lacey really enjoyed helping out with this project.   She made her own (with some help) colorful stocking using the Sunday comics.   She decorated hers as well which is always an option.
    Check out all the crafty ladies tomorrow!


    1. How did I just now find you? I am over here from Megan’s blog and I LOVE what I see…and more importantly..I can not wait to see more. 🙂 {I am a new follower}


    2. Hee! How creatively unique! No sew… gotta LOVE that! 🙂


    3. Love this! Creative, simple, inexpensive…think I will try this! Christie at
      Coming over from Centsational Girl’s Holiday Party!

    4. These are so cute! Great idea!

    5. Ooh! This could be modpodged for durability!

      Totally cute.

      I’m with ya sister, on “seen this everywhere on blogland”…it’s viral the way trends and projects spread, right??

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