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Frames Makeover {Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Paloma}

Dear Friends,

   Many of you probably know that Annie Sloan chalk paint is all the rage in creative corridors these days.  The name is a little confusing; it is not chalkboard paint.  So, what is it?  By reputation, it is an easy-to-use furniture paint that yields professional results.  
Well, I finally got to try it.  I used the sample pot from my Haven Conference swag bag to make-over gallery frames from Target.  We had black & white portraits taken of the kids for Mother’s Day and it was time to display them properly!      

These Target gallery frames remind me of a similar style at Pottery Barn.

This project only used about 1/4 of my sample pot!

I used an old, yucky brush but it didn’t seem to matter.  The first coat was great!  
You can see brush strokes but that is part of the handmade finish.
I think it got lumpy because I put the second coat on too quickly.  
And in this case, since I was distressing the frames I don’t think a second coat was necessary.
I only did one coat on the remaining frames.
The beauty of this paint is how easily it sands!  Wow!  
It felt like glass or marble after about two minutes of sanding with my random who- knows- what- grit sanding block.  Distressing was simple.  In the areas that I wanted more, I sanded more.  Easy peasy.
The frame with the lumpy finish?  Smooth as could be after sanding.
On the foyer walls, the Paloma definitely takes on a purple-gray tone.  I love it!  
I knew I wanted the frames in the foyer.  Because an entry should reflect the nature of your home.  And family is our priority so I wanted the children front and center.  I had to settle for the sides framing the dining room but I like the combination.
I was impressed with the Annie Sloan chalk paint.  And I am really thinking of “going big” and tackling a piece of furniture.  
Have you used it?  Any thoughts?


  1. What a difference the A.S. paint made on those frames. Love the distressed look. I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing using that paint, would love to but might be too cost prohibitive on our budget. Not sure where I’d get it either. Only heard about it since I started going on all the excellent blogs like yours. I’ll have to do some researching to see what the possibilities are to buy some. Can you buy it in the sample pots?

  2. That looks fantastic and I love your philosophy. 🙂

  3. To find your nearest Chalk Paint retailer, go to – there are now nearly 300 nationwide in most US states and some Canadian ones too. And the list is constantly growing.

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