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Art Gallery Wall {School Zone + Tips}

Dear Friends,
  Everyone is talking about school this week.  Mommy friends.  Facebook acquaintances.  Neighbors.  The kind lady who checks me out at the grocery store.   So, I caved to peer pressure and joined the club today.

Although Lacey started T-K last week,  I have still been tweaking our school zone.   Namely, where we wrangle all of the STUFF that school brings.

Our “school” bulletin board will house schedules & calendars as they come.  Right now we don’t have much school-related stuff to post.  Kiddie backpacks, lunchboxes, & coats will hang on the rack below.
I finally created a spot for art.  Right next to the laundry room was a blank space that fit the bill.  
I used two cork rails – one for each kid.  We will rotate art frequently.
I made the “gallery” canvas as a quickie afternoon project.  I used painter’s tape, random craft paint, and letter stencils from Michael’s, all of which I had on hand.  The red & white diagonal stripe is washi tape.  I got it from Target in the office supplies aisle.  It is my first time using it.  I must say I’m a paper tape fan now. It helped mask my sloppy painting mistakes!
Conveniently located by the garage door, are our “S” chairs.  Shoes and snack.   Shoes go on & off in that spot.  And snacks are eaten there in the afternoon so that I can chat with the kids while I look through the folder from the teacher, etc.  It is also a great way to keep them in one spot while we check the chore chart and hang backpacks. Otherwise it can be hard to get them back.   
I do have a basket in the kitchen where papers go BUT I learned last year that the best approach is same day service.  If a paper comes in that needs attention, my goal is to have it go right back out so as not to create a paper avalanche.   
This is what works for us with two preschool- aged kids.   I’m trying to be on the ball this year because with Lacey going longer I have to be efficient in order to get Reid settled for a nap before we miss that all-important window!
We have had a week to troubleshoot and I must say we have gotten a good little routine going!
Do you have any specific school routines?  A great spot for artwork or school papers?   Do tell.
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  1. I like the idea of chairs to wrangle the kids in. I had 4 daughters rushing through the door, tossing bookbags and coats everywhere. Having a place for them to wind down for just a few minutes is genius.

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