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Chalkboard Paint {Craft Paint vs. Store Paint}

Dear Friends,
Let’s talk chalkboard paint.   A month ago I had never touched the stuff.  Now I have three chalkboards in my house.   {Two in the kitchen and one in the foyer.}  This came about because I realized I was becoming the crazy mirror lady.  Warning: Too many reflective surfaces can cause a disco effect.

I used two different types of chalkboard paint for two separate projects yielding two different experiences.  Check out the pros & cons below!
Chalkboard Craft Paint
I used craft paint for the smaller mirrors in the kitchen in a basic black from the craft store.
Cheap ($5-7)
Easy to Use
Did Exactly What I Needed it To Do
Not as smooth
basic color choices
Perfect For:
Smaller items such as jars, wood gift tags, mirrors, frames or any accessory
Paint Store Chalkboard Paint
I purchased the Rustoleum paint at our local paint store & had it tinted Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore.
Incredibly Smooth
Great for big projects (can roll on)
Choice of Color
More expensive ($20+)
May require several light coats
Perfect For:
Large items that require a more professional look
such as an accent wall, cabinets, bookcase backs or a huge mirror.
The Results:

Both of these products worked for me!  I would advise youto lightly sand any mirrored surface before painting.  That allows the paint to adhere a bit better.

Be sure to tape your edges for smooth lines.

It took four coats of the Rustoleum for the large mirror and two coats of the craft paint for the small mirrors.  I used a mini roller on the large chalkboard and a foam brush for the smaller chalkboards.

Make sure that you season your chalkboard after waiting a few days for the paint to cure.  Gently rub chalk all over the board sideways and then wipe clean before using.

When writing with chalk dip it in water to make writing easier.  It took me a few run-throughs to get the script the way I wanted it.  I didn’t try for anything fancy – just used my own writing.

Have you done any chalkboard projects?  Feel free to share your link in the comments.  🙂


  1. I did this same project a few months ago, but I removed the mirror from the frame and painted primer and several coats of chalkboard paint on the BACK side of the mirror. It worked great and I can always undo this if I need the mirror side again.

  2. Ok, this comment has nothing to do with chalkboard paint. But I just had to say something, because I just discovered today that you are Emily Stone’s friend Erin that she talks about!! Like I really had absolutely no idea…I thought you were just a random blogging buddy that I had found! So today Emily was over with the girls and started talking about you and I was like, “Whoah, whoah, hold up. Erin KNOWS you???” Hahahaha…wow it’s a small world. I’m like still in shock haha.

  3. Haha oh man and now I just talked to Dave about it, and he’s like “Show me her blog…oh yeah, that’s my friend from high school!” Haha I feel like such a nerd now.

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