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An Eclectic, Sweet Big Girl Bedroom {Lacey’s Room, Part I}

Dear Friends,
After several months of procrastination, I am finally ready to reveal Lacey’s bedroom.  It has been finished since July but life just got in the way. Y’all know how it is.  I took three different batches of pictures for this room because I was mad-crazy-perfectionistic about the look I wanted. Unfortunately, I think that look requires a real camera.  Santa, did you hear that?

There is no theme.  My only requirement?  It had to be sweet.  And it is.

I feel like the look is eclectic with a cottage vibe.  And just a little bit of attitude thrown in the mix.  {Cough.}




{You can see the green stripe on the ceiling in this picture!}






His eye is on the sparrow * Be a sweet friend * You are my sunshine





The space should transition well as she gets older. On the flip side, I didn’t want it to feel too grown-up.  The most difficult part was incorporating the play kitchen and toys but I would never want to leave those things out.  She gets as much joy out of that kitchen at five as she did at two.
When designing a big girl (or boy) room, it is important to remember the many transitions that will take place in the future.  In Lacey’s case we will probably trade the kitchen for a desk at some point. The changing table-turned-storage might be replaced by a tall, painted bookcase.  I kept the future in mind with the design but wanted it to reflect the present.
I wish you could see more of the green stripe on the ceiling.  It gives the room a finished look with a cozy feel. It is subtle yet surprisingly impactful which is often the case with details.
I’m in love with the room.  Lacey loves it although she’d say, “yeah, it’s pretty good, Mommy” because it would be painful to give me too much credit.
When coming up with the design, we talked about things she might want and the list included:
  • birds
  • something about baking
  • pink, yellow, green & blue
  • monogram (or “my letters” as she said)
  • something about sports
  • a tree
  • display for her things
  • bright, happy, cheerful
  • flower pillow
  • owls
  • lots of polka dots

I think we managed to get most of that in there.  And that is what makes it eclectic, for sure!

The next post (Part II), includes a source list and a few close-ups of the details (recipe plates, decorative items, bedding, etc).
Do you like it?  My fingers are crossed, hoping that you do.  🙂
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  1. What a sweet and adorable room! I love the striped ceiling, I bet it makes the room in person!

  2. ERIN! It’s wonderful! It’s eclectic in that wonderful way, not that hodgepodge way. Does that make sense? I especially love that you asked Lacey what she wanted and incorporated those things into the room.

    I can imagine it must be hard to keep things sweet for girls without being cheesy and it must be hard to make things a little more grown-up without being too grown-up. You’ve done it! It’s just right!

    Oh, that striped ceiling and those shutters. And Lacey’s letters. Be still, my heart.

  3. Hi! New follower here! I can honestly say that I think it is the one of the most adorable rooms I’ve ever seen. Of course I’m quite partial to pinks, greens and yellows being a Southern girl. 🙂 It is most definitely sweet and it is also pure perfection if you ask me. Makes we wish I had a room like that as a child. I hope she it enjoys it!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. You are awesome. ;} Can I sleep in there? Would that be creepy? ;}

  5. Great job, Erin!! Lacey must love it, I do! I’m not sure what my favorite thing is, it’s all soo cute. =) That table her dollhouse is on is awesome. Was it used for something else before that?

    ~ Catie

    • Thanks, Catie! I really appreciate it!

      The table was a Jenny Lind changing table. The really cheap kind. We took off the top “layer” and just used the bottom two shelves. It works for now! Definitely better than having the dollhouse on the floor because she play with it more that way. 🙂

  6. I love her room. Great idea for my girls room. Thanks VElma

  7. Very sweet (and eclectic), indeed! What a blessed little girl, to have a room of her own that she can sleep and play in, that was surely created with so much love, just for her.

  8. That’s beautiful, pinning this for inspiration down the track

  9. Oh so pretty! I love the pink shutters on either side of the windows. Great job. I am working on my son’s room reveal too.

  10. What a beautiful bedroom – those shutters and end table are gorgeous ( well every thing is actually! )
    She must wake up with a song in her heart every morning

  11. Thanks, everyone for all the sweet comments on Lacey’s room!!

  12. I think my mom’s Philippines homes need a room like this for her niece. Thanks for sharing this very inspiring photos! 🙂

  13. what’s the paint color?

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