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{Ten} Easy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Dear Friends,
    I don’t post much about Thanksgiving because we have never hosted.  The turkey is safe from me; gobble, gobble.  I’m content with our holiday schedule so I doubt we will change our plans in the near future but in the event that we did, I think making place cards would be fun.  I love the impact that little touches add when hosting an event.

For those of you hosting the big meal, I have a round-up of simple place card ideas.  Whether you have a house full of relatives or a table set for four, these will dress up your table.  Or serve as a conversation starter at the slightly awkward Thanksgiving.  Or a distraction if Great-Grandma is being inappropriate. Again.  

{Boat} from Dandee Designs
{Simple typography} Holly Mathis Interiors
{Paint pen + leaf}  from Jeanne Winters
{Free download} from The Handmade Home
{Cornucopia} from Caramel Potatoes
{Turkey Place Card Holders} from House of Joyful Noise
{Thumbprint Turkey} from Silly Eagle Books
{Card Sleeve} from
Sweet Gum ball from New England Fine Living
*not sure of original source

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Are you cooking?  Eating out?  Traveling?  Going with Chinese take-out?  Do tell.


  1. Melissa Cox says

    Love the sweet gum ball, finally a use for those things!

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