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Family Room Update {The Difference A Week Can Make}

Dear Friends,
After my post on our winter mantel, I went on a family room decorating rampage. Adding. Editing.  Nothing changed that much.  Just a little shifting here and there.  I call it the Post-Christmas shuffle because nothing seems quite right in early January.

We are getting there though.  Except for the window treatment thing but that is on the horizon.

I’ve got a blog post coming about a bookcase makeover.  The left side is not done yet which is why I have a graphic hiding it.   I shopped the house to fill the empty hearth.  I like the fact that the circle on the mantel is repeated on the wreath below.
Did you notice my brand new mercury glass candlestick holders?  I finally got a pair of tall-enough ones from Pottery Barn.  Christmas cash is good for little extras like that.
The beverage tub (far top left) is now being used to hold newspapers.
I like that it fills that empty corner.
The yellow pillows came out of hiding.  I like that they bring out the yellow in the kitchen ceiling.
At night, I sit in one of the yellow chairs to work or watch TV with Mr. C.
This is my view.
It is nice to show you a different perspective on the blog.
Everything seems so close from that angle but in reality there is plenty of walking room.

One thing I’d like to see in this space is a couple of side tables.  I’m thinking really small nesting or drink tables maybe even near the windows but we need more places to put things down for sure.  I have come to terms with the fact that more seating is really not an option.

I have to finish the back-of-the-bookcase project that I have all but shown you.  I’m excited to reveal that in full, hopefully later this month.

When you are struggling with decor placement, try looking at things from a different perspective.  Behind the lens is a great way to get a good idea of your space.  I consider myself a student of design and I’m always studying angles and space when I’m eating or watching TV.


  1. I just love it! It’s warm but also modern which is something that rarely happens! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! They are a great inspiration for me!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. Your home is to die for. I will definitely be a frequent follower from this point on. Your style is impeccable but LIVABLE and that’s not something you see too often.

  3. We always start the Hoalidy Turkey in the oven, but finish it (for the last two hours or so) on the grill. Imparts that great grilled taste to the bird and frees up the oven for all of those side dishes.

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  10. No one really stands out for me yet which is weird because by now, I usually have my very opinionated mind all made up about who should win. 😉 Anyway, I ove the show, esp. Tim Gunn.

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  13. Despite the walls, you have some good stuff here. You certainly have nice skies. I suppose it’s a trade-off: I only had to contend with a Mad Tea Party refurbishment from a photography-perspective, but I had nasty, white skies and not a single sunrise or sunset. You had walls, but beautiful weather. As for the similarities, I would disagree about ‘it’s a small world’. Much of the attraction is not done in the typical Mary Blair style, making it substantially different than the US versions. It’s still the same concept, but the set art really differs.

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