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Extra-Wide Curtain Rod Solution

Dear Friends,
I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  We had a enjoyable family day.  It was neither warm nor sunny but it wasn’t pouring rain so we were thankful.  I ate and ate some more .  I’m not sure who can put away more food – an NFL player, myself, or Lacey.  Hard to say.   Other than the ridiculous food spread, my favorite part of Easter is the music.  I love the trumpet and organ combination with traditional hymns.  It warms my soul.


There is no good transition from soul-warming to curtain rods so let’s move on.   What do you do when you have crazy wide windows and no curtain rod on the planet is long enough?  Well, you could have one custom made but that just sounds expensive.  I looked at making one from PVC pipe (popular in the blogging community) but it was too skinny for the look I wanted.

I knew I needed a 14 foot pole of some sort so I browsed Bed, Bath, and Beyond for inspiration.  I thought maybe I could somehow connect an 8 foot wood pole and 6 foot wood pole.  Not exactly genius, but I’ve never claimed Mensa status.

I was brainstorming how to do this when I saw this hanging on a hook in the wood pole section.

Picture 9

Clearly someone had this lightbulb moment before I did.  So much for Shark Tank.  Oh, and this is one of those “duhs” where everyone knew about it but me.  Oops.  I was trying to think WAY outside the box and sometimes staying in the box is a-okay.   I really just want to whine, “why didn’t someone tell me about this two years ago?”   I guess “they” assumed I knew since it isn’t rocket science.

I spent about $75 at Bed, Bath, & Beyond on the two wood poles, a connector pack, and 5 (6 inch) wooden return brackets. It would have been more than that but I used FIVE 20 % off coupons.  Did you know you can use expired coupons there?  And one for each item?  Never, ever throw those away when they come in the mail.  It isn’t fun to spend money on a wood pole but it definitely beats the custom price.


I waited until Mr. C went out of town to put up this rod in case there was a major window treatment fail just to spare him.  I’m a good wife that way. Well, the curtain rod went up in an hour or less.  It was so easy to install the brackets with the included hardware and the poll just screwed right together with the connector.


It is rare for a project to be easier than projected.  Very rare.

Unfortunately, Bed, Bath, & Beyond doesn’t sell these online but I found another retailer for you. has the wood poles, return brackets, and the connector screw.  I didn’t buy finials because I wasn’t crazy about any of them.   Make sure you buy enough brackets to support your pole.  Mine are all hidden by the curtain panels.  Also, you can cut the pole to length pretty easily if you need an odd measurement.  I guess the longest you could go in this case would be 16 feet with two eight foot poles.


I love the look of the thick wood pole.  It is elegant and designer-like.   I can pretend, right?

Problem solved.  If only everything had such a simple solution.




  1. It looks fabulous, I love the drapes too. Great job. Hugs, marty

  2. Lowes also has these connectors, wooden poles and brackets. I have almost the same look in my home and searched and searched for a 14 ft pole a few years ago. BB&B will not except expired online coupons….only the ones that come in the mail….learned that the hard way.

    • Great to know, Gina! My local store is small and does not have them but I checked the bigger one a little further down the road and it does. So awesome to know that!!! Thank you for telling me. Oh, and I didn’t know that about the B,B, and B online coupons. .. that is good to know for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you, thank you! Exactly what I needed!

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  5. I love y0ur white drapes! They are white, right? Do you mind sharing the name of the material and where you got them? Did you sew them yourself?

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  9. So glad I found your bright idea. Was about to pay $600 per window for giant roller shades at Lowes. This will be a fraction of the price!

  10. Thank you!! I have been trying to find an easy fix for my extra wide windows. You saved me a lot of frustration and time. Also, your paint color and curtain choice looks fabulous!

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  13. Er det ikke mer en nok kvinner overalt i dag? Synes ikke jeg kan gå noen steder uten att det er noen av dem der. Håpløst.

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  15. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  16. any solutions or ideas for rooms which would be at an angle? I am trying to enclose a theater with blackout curtains but it is a hexagon shaped room with three open sides. I want to have a continuous curtain going the entire length of the opening so that there is not a sliver of light creeping in anywhere (I do realize that I will need to make the curtains since they aren’t typically made that wide).


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