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Layering Window Treatments: Bamboo Shades

Dear Friends,

Double trouble today because I’m posting here (duh) AND with my monthly  gig at  The Handmade Home. I’m talking about ceilings over there, otherwise known as rocking the fifth wall.  It kind of makes me want to sing “rock the fifth wall”  to the tune of “Rock the Casbah.” What is a casbah anyway?  I always thought they were saying cash bar because I’m notorious for screwing up song lyrics.

Now that you are humming and annoyed, let me update you on the window treatment progress in the family room.  So far, I added the panels which made a huge difference.  I knew right away that I wanted to layer them with some type of wood shade underneath.

I started scouring the universe for woven woods or bamboo shades and found that Lowe’s will CUSTOM cut their wooden shades for you.   As in, they have a giant machine that you put the shade in and it will magically slice them to the correct WIDTH.



Custom for less.  That could be my motto.  It was my lucky day, because they had a style that I loved right away.   The Levolor Natural Bamboo has a beachy feel that stole my cottage-lovin’ heart.  Also, it has dark spots interwoven that coordinate with the bookcases and floor.  The lighter overall look goes nicely with the sofa table and lighter furniture.  And we are forever trying to lighten things up around here!

Looking back, perhaps I should have bought a lottery ticket that day because those shades were a rockstar score.  And no, I can’t get that song out of my head.


I really like the depth they add.  The texture is a great addition to the space.


For the love of symmetry, I’m thinking I need a couple over those doors.  Do you agree?  I was reluctant to buy four shades without knowing fully if they were going to work, especially since they were being custom cut.

I thought I’d sit on them for a week or two to see how I felt but I know I like them.

So much color!  Okay, I’m going over-board but I really like these shades.   I honestly didn’t think I would be able to buy an off-the-shelf product for my less than standard windows.    The shades vary in width from 24 -72 inches and the length is set at either 60 or 72.   I bought a 36 inch wide shade that was 72 inches in length.  I had it cut to 30.5 inches wide for the actual inside width of my window where I was doing an inside mount.

Should I choose to do the doors, those would be an outside mount.

Hanging the shades was easy with step-by-step directions.   It is a beginner level project and takes less than 30 minutes overall.  I didn’t have a lick of trouble.

Well, do you like them?  What is the verdict?  Shades over the doors?  Yes?  Or nah?  I want your valuable opinions.







  1. christine aldinger says

    yes do the doors i think it will have a more finished look…….it all looks really nice!!

  2. yes I would do the doors too. looks good

  3. Yes I would do over the doors, too. 🙂

    Is your house always that clean, or do you clean it up for the pictures? #homemakingfailoverhere

  4. They look great! So funny, this past weekend some friends and I went on a girl’s trip and before we came home we had to stop by Lowe’s to pick up some custom-cut blinds for one of them – the exact. same. blinds. They are beautiful!

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