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Nursery for Her: Navy & Pink

Dear Friends,

I leave for the Haven Conference tomorrow and in my tizzy to get ready I forgot to publish today’s post!  Oops! I’m excited about a few days of design, diy, and indulgence. I’ll be even more pumped when I’m packed up and driving. Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator.

The design board today reflects a little baby yearning.  Reid is getting to be such a big boy and as much as I love the freedom it brings, I can’t help but miss certain aspects of the baby phase. Rather than have a third child,  I plan to pressure my sister into having children.

Emily and her husband are at least talking about children in the somewhat-not-so-distant-future.  I’ll take it.  And start designing nurseries.  I forced her to look at a Land of Nod catalog and she mentioned that she liked the versatility of the blue whale bedding.  It could easily be adapted for a boy or girl.  Plus it is crisp with clean lines which is up her alley.

Naturally, I had to start working on the nursery of a baby who will probably grace the Earth in 2015 if we are lucky.


nursery for her



I focused on keeping things simple but with enough detail to be interesting.  I knew I wanted to include the mini gray chevron chair because she has an adult version similar to that.  I also wanted a monogram and a very loose theme.

Next week I’ll feature a boy version with the same bedding!  How handy would that be – make the switch without painting or changing bedding.   Perfect for the practical Mom.

Don’t be mad, Emily.


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