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Reid Food Allergy Update #1 (post-removal)

Dear Friends,

Today marks twenty-four days into our new way of life and we are officially surviving.  Maybe even thriving.  Reid said goodbye to beef, chicken, soy, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, oat, corn, and potato July first and we haven’t looked back.

It has been both harder and easier than I imagined which is a convoluted but truthful statement.   We have a set group of foods now that he eats on a rotation basis.  We found bread at Great Harvest (a bakery chain) that is dairy and egg-free which is a life-saver.   Rice cakes and non-corn tortillas have been essential in the process.   Organic deli turkey and ham are my new convenience food.

The biggest change right now is lifestyle.  We ate out kind of a lot before.  I don’t think I realized how much until now.  We have had a couple successful restaurant meals where I brought his food but we will definitely be dining at home more.

The summer has been a true blessing.  We haven’t had to deal with school treats or special circumstances so it is relatively easy to stay within the boundaries of his allergies in our little bubble.  That being said we did survive a week’s vacation to the beach although I took the contents of my pantry along.  And then some.

photo 1

We have managed to substitute most treats without drama or trauma but I miss going for ice cream.  It is the only thing I’ve been truly bummed about.   Let’s face it – the ice cream is more about me than him.  My own perfect family fantasy involves a waffle cone.  He has eaten dairy free concoctions at home but it is not the same as a core-four  trip to the corner ice cream store.

It sounds crazy but if you focus on the positive right now there is still a ton of stuff he can eat. Enough where we can get through a week without repeating everyday which is huge.

For those that are interested in allergy-friendly dining we have had success with a few things:


Whole Wheat Waffles (used coconut milk & a flax egg substitute)

Chicken (Turkey for Us) Nuggets (used turkey, replaced egg with coconut milk, eliminated parmesan cheese)

Cupcakes for Two (used agar powder to replace egg whites; this saved us on Lacey’s birthday)

Wacky Cake (we used to make doughnuts for Lacey’s birthday)

Chocolate Chip Cookies  (replaced soy milk with coconut milk)

Namaste Foods Pancake mix (used applesauce substitute)

I was a Trader Joe’s lover before but I’m about to be president of the fan club.  Sweet potato chips, flat bread, coconut yogurt, vegan chocolate, and sorbet are just a few of the many foods I’ve found.

Reid is showing us that food removal was the way to go.  He feels so much better.  He stands taller, tolerates more, and has more energy.  He has not thrown up ONCE in twenty-four days. Knock on wood but that is pretty obvious success.

We have a few check-ups in the coming weeks and I’m looking toward his next endoscopy with a hopeful heart.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers everyone.  We are all a little stronger than we thought.








  1. Girl, you are more than just stronger than you thought–you are VERY strong! I’m so proud to read of your sacrifices and efforts on Reid’s behalf. Honestly, I think lifestyle changes are the hardest. We can all rally for short periods of time under difficult circumstances, but having to make big changes to your day-to-day living really takes dedication and determination. You are an awesome mom.

    And no throwing up in the past 24 days? I’d say that’s a real victory!!

  2. That’s quite the change for your family. I’m glad that it’s going smoothly for you.
    I know that you’re pretty early into things with his allergies, but I wanted to share what a friend of mine did with her child that I think would be worth checking into. She took her son, who was basically allergic to everything (like your son) to a special kind of naturopath who helped to desensitize him to all of his allergens. They did this through detoxing him through electrical impulses that didn’t hurt him or anything. It sounds totally hokey but it worked for her and her son and she has her 18 month old going through the same procedures too. Her boys can now eat anything. It’s truly amazing! Here’s something to look at.
    Anyway, it’s something worth looking into!

  3. Greetings from Montreal, Canada! I can’t imagine having to deal with food allergies. It must be exhausting, but you are proving that you adjust and that life does go on. I really admire you! And seeing the positive effects this change is having on your son’s health must make it all worth it. Poor little guy must have felt so crappy eating the foods that were making him sick. I hope things continue to get easier for all of you.

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