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Gold Dipped Lamp Makeover

Dear Friends,

I’ve entered the trend zone.  I couldn’t resist the recent color-dipped paint fad AND I’m embracing the gold rush.  Buy one get one free on the cool bus today.   FYI, the color-dipping is just what it sounds like- when furniture or accessories look like they have been dipped in paint.  And we all know that gold is the thing now.

I haven’t been feeling warm & fuzzy toward my living room floor lamp so a change was in the cards.  When Modern Masters offered to send paint from their metallic collection, I chose gold and a project was born.  I haven’t done anything in the “study” in ages- I just needed a spark and now the ideas are flowing.  I’d love to paint the room a nice chalky gray.  I’m thinking asap.


I didn’t dislike this lamp but I felt something was lacking.  I’ve had it for years – I was going to change the shade for an update but never got around to it.


I’m glad I waited.  The finish isn’t exactly “gold -dipped” but rather has the color blocking look.  Either way, I like it!  Tomato, TomAto, right?


This project was easily done between loads of laundry and carpool.  I taped off the lamp and painted three coats of metallic paint, waiting 30 minutes between. The Modern Masters Olympic gold covers smoothly and gives a fabulous sheen.  The only gold paint I’ve ever used is craft paint, and this is not even comparable.  Liquid gold, I tell ya!


It practically shimmers, yet it is handsome.  I didn’t sand – the first coated acted as a primer so the second and third went on seamlessly. I used a cheap brush that I had on hand and had zero issues.  It adhered well and I don’t use that lamp often so I didn’t use any kind of polyurethane.


You can see I’ve still got work to do in the room but I’m ready to finish it off.  Paint and a few details will make a world of difference.  It is an out -of-the-box vibe for me and I like it.  I think once the wall color is different, the room will mesh better with the rest of the house.  The study has doors so it doesn’t much matter either way.

I worked with Modern Masters because I am already a customer.  I used their glaze on the front door and beadboard moulding at my old house.  I love working with professional-grade products.  It makes such a difference sometimes!  I might have to further explore their product line – I know there is a metal effects paint that gives the look of aged metal.   I’m tempted to check it out as well.

Have you gotten on board with the gold rush or the color-dipped trends?


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  1. va logo comprar o seu somatodrol! fique musculoso muito mais rapidamente!

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