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Disney World Take Two

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago we broke in the new van with an eight hour trek to Disney World.  It had been two years since our Disney initiation as a family of four.  If you were reading way back when, you might remember my disturbing revelation that vacation wasn’t fun.  That was the trip where I had that wake-up call as a Mom.  The one where you realize that successful travel involves stress, cranky pants people, and plenty of exhaustion.

The Amazing Race on CBS sums it up best.  They showcase crackling tension as couples compete during a trek around the world.  “I could do that,” I’d say from my comfy spot on the sofa.  I like to think that I’m patient and level-headed.

After the facing the intensity of a family trip to the Fun Capital of the USA,  I know that I have no business racing around the world.  Because nothing will point out your own inadequacies like a super fun family vacation.

That being said, we did have fun this time.  Vacationing with children is all about expectations.  We severely lowered them this go around.  We expected the roller coaster emotions.  We were ready for the meltdowns.   Lacey doesn’t want her picture with Ariel?  Roll with it and don’t look back.


Believe it or not, Mr. C and I really enjoy Disney World.   We want our kids to experience the wide-eyed excitement that comes with that. You get sucked into the Disney Vortex and the real world is nothing but a distant memory.  Forget your iPhone and the office.  That bubble is a dream in the reality of life in the 21st Century.

Armed with a plan and a map, we dragged the kids through three parks and built a foundation for nostalgia.  There was whining and crying.  The boy begged to go home at one point.  But this week?  They can’t stop chattering about the fun they had.  Like childbirth, the hard part is melting away into oblivion as the joy emerges.

We’ll be talking about our experience for the next couple of years.  Every time we see that commercial on TV or the intro to a movie, we’ll reminise about Cinderella’s castle.


Two years ago we were in the trenches.  Straight up survival mode.  Reid’s diaper leaked on me five minutes after our arrival and all of our daydreaming was shattered by reality.   Who cries at Disney World for goodness sake?  It turns out that everyone does and that is okay.

We paid a lot of money for those life lessons.

The best part of our trip this year was the meal plan.  We were able to make early reservations and Reid had chefs that prepared him special meals in the Disney restaurants.  It was a new sort of dream.

Joy changes.  It wasn’t meeting the princess or riding It’s A Small World.  It was the good and bad stitched together that makes a blanket of memories.  One that you snuggle up in on a long day.  Or one you can laugh at as you remember the obstacles.

2016 – here we come.






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