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Dear Friends,

The month of January was faster paced than typical for us.  Having our Disney trip smack in the middle perpetuated that with packing, unpacking, extra laundry, and a week of playing catch-up.  We ran around like crazy little beings instead of soaking up the after-Christmas grace that follows the big holiday.

I was not going to be sidetracked from my goals.  One drawer a day kept going, I kept organizing, and we declared victory for the year ahead.  I think the man upstairs thought my New Year’s motivation needed tweaking.  We were stopped in our tracks last Wednesday and had a five-day respite period.   First there was the snow.

And then there was the stomach bug.

The snow was fun.  Who doesn’t crave a cozy snow day every now and then?  Hot chocolate, a warm fire, and guilt-less screen time are a gift.  Just being lazy feels like luxury.  I soaked it in and savored it the way you do a summer vacation.  You know it is a snippet of time and that the grains of sand will slip through your fingers before you can fully grasp the wonder.

The stomach bug was like a slow death march into a suspended alternate universe.  You know the rest of the world must exist but it spins outside of your bubble, everything once important now distant and forgotten.  That isn’t the only spinning going on.   I was ticked off to succumb to the virus, thinking I was above bowing down to that particular throne.  Yeah, I was humbled.  And I recover quickly from the puke-fest but not as quickly from the inevitable vertigo and loss of appetite.

Taking away the appetite of a foodie is a form of mid-evil torture.  I love to eat and the Super Bowl is one of the most fun, fabulous spreads of the year.   Buffalo wings and cheese dip are my kryptonite.  We were recovered enough to participate in our annual family pot-luck but my plate was sadly void of the usual piles of gluttony.


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Regardless of whether it was a snow day or a whirling turn on the norovirus ride, we were forced to slow down.  Our family of four spent some close-knit time together without stepping out the front door.  We bonded and we battled and we sprayed a lot of disinfectant.

A lot of fat good that did.

I’m going into Feburary a bit sluggish with wild eyes much like a typical January.  It is definitely time to enjoy our current cruising altitude instead of the up and down journey that we seem to favor.

I guess I’m thankful for the lesson but next time I’ll just take a second snow day.







  1. Feel better! Nothing worse than the stomach bug! My worst parenting experience was when my three kids ,all under 4, spent 24 hours vomiting at the same time…still a vivid, wretched memory 10 years later!

  2. Oh no! I jinxed you….remember I said I had delay the drawer a day because of the stomach flu. So sorry. Glad you’re up and about again. Sadly my drawer/shelf/whatever a day has not gone well. I need to get back on that train!

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