Two Story Cottage

Final House Tour

Dear Friends,

I have so much to share that finding a beginning is overwhelming.  I figured I’d wrap up with the old house and share some MLS pictures.  Keep in mind that real estate pictures and blogging pictures are not one and the same.  Bloggers want magazine-style pictures.  Forget your flash and lamps are a no-no.  In real estate, the powers that be suggest turning on every light in the house. They want a warm glow.  Regardless,  I think that the goal with selling your house is finding pictures that look decent but that show-off your floor plan or any custom features.  Also, you really have to edit your stuff.  Less is best with lots of wide angle photos.   There were several rooms in our house that never made the blog, so this is a better glimpse of our real life but of course the edited for cleanliness version.

Without further adieu…
























There were a lot of spaces that were never finished.  Maybe in our new house we will have a chance to complete a few more rooms.  Of course, there are a lot less rooms so it should be easier.

And that is probably the last pictures you will see from our craftsman cottage.   Now that it has new owners, I feel a little funny about showcasing it on the internet.   Goodbye, big ol’ country home!







  1. can not wait to see the new home.

  2. I bet that was bittersweet. For an “unfinished” house, you got pretty far and we can see how lovingly you decorated it. Wishing you lots of new design adventures and happy memories in your new home. Can’t wait to see what you do with the place.

    Best of luck,
    Erin from Out on a Limb, (now Indigo House)

  3. It’s a lovely home…I especially love those covered outdoor spaces I want something very much like that.
    Good luck with your move and the new house I can’t wait to see it, I know it will be great too.

  4. Oh, Erin! I’m so glad the sale went quickly. Very well do I remember the days of trying to keep a house in ready-to-show condition and then vacating with three little boys and a dog!

    I’m sure it must be bittersweet for you to say goodbye to your beautiful cottage, but now you have a whole new adventure ahead of you–and I know you’re going to enjoy being closer to your husband’s work! Jack’s quality of life took a dramatic turn when his office moved to its present location–after years of a 35-minute commute, he is now about 10 minutes from the office. Especially nice on a Friday evening! 🙂

    Love you, friend. Are you at Haven this year? Wish I could see you!

    • I am so very thankful that the sale was quick and straight forward!! Three weeks was long enough- I can’t imagine months of showing a house. The new commute is AMAZING. It might just be worth every sacrifice.

      I couldn’t go to Haven – just too much going on I think. Maybe next year! 🙂

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