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The Lone Pumpkin

Dear Friends,

With blogging I always try to plan a few days ahead so that I’m not fumbling around at the last minute for a post.  Of course, that has happened on many an occasion but a little pre-planning does help with photography and the order of things.  Sunday, I looked at my calendar for the week and it said “fall decor.”


This is real life and my fall decor is in a storage box in the garage.  I had all intentions of getting it down this weekend but between two soccer games, a birthday party, and church duties I failed the mission.


Well, maybe it isn’t a total fail.  I do have one tiny pumpkin that is bringing fall cheer.  Oh, and fall napkins for the win.  Holiday decorating is one of those fun things that can turn into a total pitfall if you aren’t careful.  Maybe putting a couple of mums on the porch and hanging a fall wreath are a big deal for you.  Yet your neighbor has a display that would make Martha Stewart green.  The point is that I’m a believer in the attitude “you do what you can” depending on your season in life.

Maybe this year you have a lone pumpkin and some discount napkins.  Celebrate it.  And cheers to your creative neighbor.


As long as fall coffee is on the agenda I don’t really care what decor is involved.

That being said, the tiny pumpkin came from a painting pottery date I had with Lacey a few weeks ago.  I miss her since she is in school practically all day everyday now.  It was nice to have special mother-daughter time.   The store had a large collection of fall items so we went thinking we would do pumpkins or something for Halloween.


Yeah, she did a skateboard.  I did the pumpkin.  Oh well, everyone was happy.

And I do plan on getting that box down.  I’m not sure if it will be this week or next.  Regardless, I’m excited to add a little fall to the house.  I haven’t done anything seasonal yet in our new abode.  I don’t expect to do much this year but I’m considering any effort better than none.

Have you decorated for fall yet?  No judgement from me either way.



  1. I have done some decorating despite the fact that my living room is filled with books and stuff removed from the office (hardwood going in, yay!). At first I wasn’t going to bother with Autumn decor but it is my favorite so I squirreled out the boxes that were somewhere in the piles and it’s made me happy. BTW, I worked at a pottery painting studio for 8 years!

  2. Nancy in Texas says

    It really doesn’t take much. Sometimes I do more than other times. Sometimes it’s only changing out the lone seasonal plate on display on the kitchen counter and changing out the seasonal napkins in the coasters. Other times it’s just a fall scented candle. Still other times I get it all out and have something in every room! It just depends on the current rhythm of our life. And that is all right.

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