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Photo- Induced Reflections (Project 2015)

Dear Friends,

I’ve recently received an unexpected gift disguised as drudgery.

I’m center storm in a tornado of photos from four+  years ago and it is like living in a time warp.   Every day I get to sit down at my computer and spend an hour going through 200-300 photos moving chronologically by month (currently I’m August of 2011).  I started in March of 2010. As I move through the months, one day at a time, I am reliving those moments.  I can close my eyes and see my babies as just that.  I can remember exactly what it was like to have a 2 year old and a newborn.  Time is a strange, beautiful thing.

I’ve got one foot in the present and one precariously lodged on a ledge that crumbles as I move forward.  I’m an actual witness of our lives flashing by.  It should be sad but it isn’t that exactly. More like a feeling that leaves me breathless.

I have dreaded this like nothing else.  I hate being behind.  I detest feeling overwhelmed and thousands of pictures to wade through will do that to you.  When I made it a New Year’s goal to deal with these photos, I considered it the chore of all chores.


But I’m really doing it.  It is January 22nd and I haven’t quit or given up.  The key is that I’ve found joy in this project.  Sure, there are moments of annoyance and frustration but the warmth of memories is balm for the frayed edges.   Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I get to see Reid’s first steps and I can’t wait.   Last night, I could see he was on the cusp and I was strangely giddy for the big reveal.

I was there but this is almost better.  I’ve read the book but this is seeing the beautifully adapted movie.  Sometimes I feel like a voyeur peeking in on someone else’s life.  Maybe it is better the second time?

If I do a month every day I still won’t be done until March.   However, on the flip side I’m 1/3 of the way there.  I might even be sad when it is over.  Luckily, I’ll have photo books to look at.  I started making Shutterfly books when Lacey was little and quit after Reid was born.  Each night, I’m adding a month to the yearbooks.  I go by birthdays so each child’s book begins & ends at a different time.


Every evening I look at the whole month of photos and select the ones for the books.  That process takes a while.  Then I complete that month in each child’s book.  Some nights it takes forever.

No joke.  Like blogging on steroids. But if I can blog, I can claw my way to the present one picture at a time.

It is a beautiful mess for sure.


I hereby declare that I will keep up with my photos EVERY month and never get behind again. I’m thanking myself for this strange opportunity but my eyeballs might fall out if I ever have to do this again.






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