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Front Porch Spring Update: Wreaths & Flowers

Dear Friends,

Crazy May is here.  We are going full throttle all month but the chaos is balanced by sunshine and warm days.  My front porch was looking a little sad this winter so I decided to work on sprucing it up for spring.  The double doors inspired me to try my hand at making a couple of wreaths.


I used this tutorial to whip up some burlap beauties. Honestly, I did a so-so job but nobody will judge me from the road.  That kind of crafting isn’t my forte and I tend to hurry through it.  It wasn’t too terribly hard though.  Michael’s had all of the materials- I used 3 rolls of burlap total which meant roughly 1.5 rolls each but if I could do it again I’d use 2 per wreath.  I bought  two 18 inch wire wreath frames as well which was the perfect size.


I’ve had the metal flowers forever but I added a yellow center for a little punch and attached them to the wreath with twine.  I might change them out for the summer with something nautical but I could leave them untouched until September which is nice.



I also drilled a hole in the bottom of my beverage tub.  It is now a permanent planter which works as I don’t have anywhere inside the house to put it.



I got rid of the old containers left by the previous owners.  They were nice but worn and faded and it was time for a refresh.  Containers can get a little pricey so I picked up a couple of cheapies at Garden Ridge- now called At Home. I painted the bottoms of the pots with leftover paint in the garage and I love how they turned out.


elephant ear/dragonwing begonia/coleus/sweet potato plant

I branched out this year with the flowers.  I’ll have to post in a month or so for a progress update.  I tried to mix my annuals up and go for the thriller, chiller, spiller deal.  My porch is primarily shady with a hint of afternoon sun so I have to stick with shade and part sun annuals.  I chose a sweet potato variety that was part sun instead of full sun like most of them.

I also hung out Reid’s upstairs window trying to plant our window box.  Not pictured unfortunately.  I’ll let you know how that goes but I might have to hide from the neighbors for a few days after that escapade.  I’m hoping that they don’t need much care because I’m not up for cirque du soleil.

This time of year I’m a sneezing machine, but I’ll take it because I love all of the beautiful blooming things!  Have you planted spring flowers?





  1. Kathryn Schweier says

    We are midreno on our house and we are in the process of looking for front doors. Your front door is so beautiful and exactly what we are looking for shape and style including the transom. Can you please tell us where you purchased the door from?

    Thank you!
    Kathryn Schweier

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