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How to Spend an Entire Weekend Hanging your Flag

Dear Friends,

She’s a grand ol’ flag and she is hanging tall and proud.  Mighty indeed and it only took the entire holiday weekend to get her that way.  It seems like one of those “just gitter done” sort of tasks but in this household we like to make things as difficult as humanly possible.

Luckily, we started on Friday with a deadline of Memorial Day.  We had her rocking & rolling by Sunday night, thankfully.  Only 48 hours of drama.


The problem is the brick.  We were a little intimidated by the whole drilling with brick deal.  I was all, “we got this” and Mr. C was doubting me but in the end it was a team effort.  He might even get the win because he was better at the difficult drilling.

This required two trips to Lowe’s on our end because we really like to run errands accompanied by sweaty, whiny children while everyone is swimming and grilling out.


Tips for hanging things in brick:

Hang it in the grout.  That presented a quandary because there were really only two spots where the grout lined up so that we could get all 3 holes of the flag mount in the grout.  One was too low so we had to go with the- higher than I would prefer but not so bad we can’t hang it– height.

Get a masonry drill bit.  That was important.  It still required some elbow grease and a lot of “the hole is deep enough- never mind” but it was doable.

Use masonry anchors with screws – these are a heavier plastic that don’t crush as easily as the flimsy kind you use in drywall.  If your hole is not deep enough and you try to hammer the anchor in than yes, you can still crush it.  Pliers are handy here.  And extra anchors are too.

Brick is uneven so one of the 3 screws isn’t flush but I used it as a pull up bar to ensure that it was sturdy.  Plenty sturdy indeed.  And I can no longer do pull ups, apparently, so I guess the flex arm hang would be my jam now.  I see water aerobics and bingo in my future.


Mr. C & I bonded over flag hanging.  It reminded me of our attempt at curtain rod hanging in our first apartment circa 2002.  That was a laughable fail so we have clearly evolved.

Memories for the win and we are no longer the losers on the street with no patriotic spirit.

Happy Memorial Day!  Despite the tongue & cheek post, we are very thankful for those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


P.S.  We provided entertainment for the men remodeling the house across the street.  Despite working on a holiday weekend, I know they had a good time watching our novice attempts at flag hanging.






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