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Summer Days

Dear Friends,

It isn’t officially summer by the calendar but it has arrived at our house.  Triple digit temperatures are forecasted for today and school is over for both kids.  I’m not sure it gets any more legit than that.   We have already started watching Mr. C at church softball games, itching and sweating, which definitely is a sign of the summer.


Reid is officially finished with preschool.  I am no longer a preschool Mom.  I spent seven years hauling kids in and out of our preschool so it was a little tough to say goodbye.  I was sad and glad in equal parts.  There is nostalgia and gratitude but excitement regarding the experiences to come.  Regardless, it is the end of an era in my life as a mom.

first day & last day of first grade 

Lacey and I got to spend a week of ”just girls” time together because her school let out a week before Reid’s preschool.  I’m excited for everyone to be on the same schedule next year but I’ll miss the special one-on-one time I have with each child right now.  Lacey and I cram in a lot of treats when it is just the two of us.  No allergies to worry about which is nice!


Summer brings swim team which is already half over.  Both kids are doing it this year which means two happy kids attend practices and meets.  Reid has waited two years for his turn! I hold my breath every time he is on the block because just making it all the way across the pool is a big deal right now. Lacey is in 7 & 8’s where she gets to do all of the strokes which is exciting, but also means longer meets.

It is our first year going to the pool where we can sit on the side and not have to get in.  Sort-of. Every year brings new freedoms and this is one I’m relishing.  I still have to watch Reid like a hawk, but I’m happy to be dry and free of children pulling on my suit.


T-ball is over now.  Spring sports are fun but so consuming.  I’m glad for a break from the action.  Lacey played golf and still has a handful of summer lessons but that is easy breezy without school in session.   Most of all, I’m excited not to rush everywhere all of the time.

The kids have a few little camps on the agenda but we are pretty free in June.  I’m thankful for the time to slow down and mellow a bit. I’m hoping for a lot of outdoor time before it gets insanely hot.

When did these kids get so big anyway?




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