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Lacey is 8: Annual Birthday Questionnaire

Dear Friends,

Lacey is officially eight years old and I’m full of cliches about where the time has gone.  Part of me can’t believe I’ve had this Mom gig for so long.  I still feel like a newbie yet I’m halfway to the driving years.  I have no doubt the second half will buzz by even faster so I’m trying to savor the every day, even on these sometimes looong summer afternoons.

No big parties this year for the girl.  She wanted her cousins from Greenville to come and spend the night so we had a cousin sleepover.  It was the first time we have done it and all of the kids felt so grown up.  I see a tradition brewing!



And speaking of traditions, one of my favorite birthday traditions is the annual questionnaire from Leelou Blogs.  The kids look forward to their question session every year.  It is always fun to look back on last year’s quiz.  And once again the answers are so very dependent on what has transpired in the last few days or even hours.


Lacey suddenly remembered that her favorite animal is actually a dolphin and not a monkey but it was too late for changes.  The surveys are so off the cuff that you just never know what you might get but that is the fun part.

Lacey is still our sweet and headstrong child.  She waffles between extreme generosity and an iron will that could test the most patient of souls.   I am proud of her for working to overcome literacy struggles over the last couple of years.  She is plenty bright but it is nice to know she can work hard and buckle down if necessary.  She has also proven to be a very good friend and is rarely involved in any drama in that sense.  She tends to ride a roller coaster of emotions at home but is perfectly even keel in the classroom.   Lacey is anything but predictable and she keeps our lives interesting whether she is building a structure out of recyclables using all of the tape we own or hosting a tea party for plastic farm animals.

Cheers to eight years of motherhood.




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