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Open Shelving in My Kitchen

Dear Friends,

I’ve drooled over many a magazine picture with open shelving in the kitchen.  However, as you know by now,  I’m a hopelessly practical gal.  I’ve never been able to convert.  I like to hide my junk, you know what I mean?  Keep the clutter behind the cabinets!

Regardless, in this house there are plenty of cabinets to go around so I could spare one for pretties.  But because I’m so into function, the obvious choice was my cabinet with glass doors.  It is already meant for display so why not go full tilt.  I took off the doors with a little help from my friend google.


It turns out taking off cabinet doors is a cinch which could be a bad thing.

Anyhow, the next thing you know I was painting the interior of the cabinet between pancakes on a Saturday morning.  I cheated and used chalk paint that I had in the garage.  I should clarify – it is chalkboard paint which is not the same but it is tinted in my favorite Dior Gray and I love the flat finish and lack of sanding.  I am not going to be using chalk on this paint by the way.


open_shelving kitchen_display_white


kitchen_dior_gray dior_gray_kitchen

I used my best white display stuff and dug around a little to fill in where needed.  Also, I am saving the glass doors to switch out on another cabinet.   It never ends, right?

It isn’t for everyone but I’m a super fan of the new look.  I like that the dark color takes the cabinets from more of a cream to hints of clay which is my preference.  From somewhat country to a bit more modern country.  Or rock n’ roll if you prefer.

No, I’m not going to take all of my cabinet doors down but a little change goes a long way.




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