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This Little Piggy went to Market

Dear Friends,

Yes, I just referred to myself as swine in a public forum.  I’m punchy because it is the end of another long week but for once Sunday can’t come fast enough.  I’m having the ultimate wish granted for a design junkie like myself.


 adorable painting from WaterInMyPaint

I’m heading to market.

Now if you have to ask what market I’m referring to, we might not be on the same wavelength. Because the High Point Market is the only market I know and I’m going this weekend!  You may be thinking I’ve wandered away from my design hobby because my posts have been few and far between.  However, quite the opposite has happened.  I’m knee deep in projects and have been so wrapped up that blogging got lost in the shuffle.

It happens.

Anyway, for me the furniture market is as good as it gets.   I’ve dreamed of browsing the endless array of vendors for years.  YEARS.  I’ve followed along on instagram and drooled over other people’s pictures with longing – knowing the furniture kingdom is less than two hours away.  A forbidden fruit scenario.

I know it is going to be loooong.  And tiring.  My purse will hurt my shoulder and my feet will feel like they are tied to cinder blocks.

But I’ll be smiling all the way through.

I can’t wait to share my very first experience with you guys.  And tell you about my new job…

Oops. Did I let that slip?







  1. Please do tell us all about it! My baby just started college at High Point University, but I’ve never been to market in High Point. Would love to know if it’s worth going!

    Also. . . new job? Spill the beans, please!

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