Two Story Cottage

Colorful Wooden Silhouettes

Dear Friends,

Happy Summer!  I’m right in the thick of it between swim team, camps, and travel.  I kind of love it.  We haven’t deviated too far from a typical schedule but boy do I enjoy the snippets of down time that appear here and there.  I’m exhausted at the end of the day from fixing a thousand meals and breaking up twice as many fights but it feels wonderfully fresh.  I know by August I may feel differently but for now I’m embracing it.

I’ve made quite a few changes lately despite our all over the place schedule.  One small change that makes a big impact is the addition of wooden silhouettes of the kids.  They can be ordered from Von Jet Silhouettes and I think they are a treasure.  I’ve always loved the classic silhouette but this takes it to another level.





I went bold with my color choices but I wouldn’t change a thing.  The weathered wood on the chartreuse fits right in.  As far as art goes, it is relatively inexpensive and something I’m likely to hold on to for years to come.  I’m glad I took the plunge with this one!

Happy July,





  1. I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imlossibpe.

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  5. These are adorable! I will be making some of these!!!

  6. It looks so beautiful. You did such a good job. Definitely going to try making it. Thanks for sharing:)

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  8. I think its simple and decent. I want to tell you one thing that I like simple things more than illustrated things.
    Its looking sweet room and I also have my room like this. I always keep my room neat and clean and simplest…..

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