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About Me

I’m Erin, your hostess here at Two Story Cottage. Thanks for stopping by & it’s a pleasure to meet you!

My Story
I have an affinity for catalogs  but my first loves are my college sweetheart, and the two little people that we call ours.  A designer wannabe, I lack expertise but am a crockpot of potential.  I’ve had a lot of practice as we are on residence number five in just over a decade of marriage.  We’ve climbed the property ladder one house at a time and have finally left cookie cutter behind.  Our new place is dream home material so we are hoping to put down roots.


The Blog: Join me as I make our new house a home. Again.  Home Decor takes precedence here but food, family and fun can be found.  I’m learning to DIY so be prepared as humor and sarcasm abound.  My style resonates livable, simple, transitional design for the family.  I’m a Southern girl and like my blog I’m a work in progress.   

Disclaimer: I  have zero background in photography, graphic design, and art.  I am learning as I go; hence the work in progress tag-line.   If you are looking for perfection please look elsewhere.   


Up Close & Personal

Want to know more?  I’m usually a closed book but I’m opening up after almost two years of blogging.


 I am a glass half full kind of girl. That glass is half full of tea. It’s my vice.
I like fancy jeans with Target tops. 
 Don’t overload me or my motherboard will fry. Seriously.
I like stripes. Of all kinds. On all things. 
You might think I’m quiet. I’m really just listening.
I’m woefully undecided. 
I’m self- aware to a fault; however, people who lack self-awareness rattle me.
 Practicality is my mother-ship.
If this were kindergarten, I would be labelled “most distracted.”
I ponder. A lot. 
I’m a firm Believer, just not the shouting it from the rooftops kind. 
 Sharing a meal with a friend is the icing on my cake.
My love for food rivals my love for my family. Just ask Mr. C.
 I once had a 14 lb tumor. That is always a good icebreaker.
I’m not Type A. I might be Type A-.
I ignore things until I have to deal with them. It is the procrastinator’s way.
Sometimes I feel like a dichotomy. Case in point, I’m a goody two-shoes who enjoys cynicism and all things snarky. An empathetic, daydreaming, peacemaking Conservative.
If there is a short-cut method I’ve probably already thought of it.
Social media can seem too demanding. It makes me tired.
 I like special things on Fridays. Like sugar cereal. And a free pass from flossing.
Kettle corn makes me giddy. Dipping sauces get me tickled pink.
Somehow in my adult life I have found myself at the same lunch table as the cool kids; it unsettles me. 
 Yes, please. Coffee. Chocolate. Peanut butter. Small town restaurants. Young adult novels. 
T.V. Past: Little House on the Prairie. Gilmore Girls. Boston Med. Everwood. Friday Night Lights. Brothers & Sisters. T.V. Present: Modern Family.  Parenthood. The Bachelor. HGTV.  Nashville.


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