Two Story Cottage

Lockers for Reid

Dear Friends,

I had a lucky shopping day at Hobby Lobby recently.  My local store isn’t particularly close so I’m doubly glad to hit pay dirt when I go.  I love their selection of knobs and paper crafts. However, this go around I got a bedside table for Reid.

Call it a nightstand or a set of drawers but Reid is quite proud of his new “lockers.”


I just thought the metal baskets were too cute to pass up.  I got home and it looked like I had painted them to go with his room.


Just happy luck and we’ll take it.  His room is slowly coming together.  I’ve got other ideas floating around in my brain.

Reid has decided to store his important sports stuff in those drawers which works for me.  I’m in with love anything that involves enthusiastic cleanup.   Now, if only I could get Lacey so excited to put things away…



Inspiration: When a Bed is in Front of the Window

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, I mentioned my window dilemma in Reid’s room.  The bed in front of the window just drives me nuts but it inspired me to go looking for solutions.  I love to browse images anyway so this was just an excuse to lose myself in the hunt.

Most of these involve window treatments but it is still interesting to see how designers either incorporate the window or deflect from the window.   In most cases, you’ll find the art of distraction or the beauty of illusion.

I like that a few of them had sconces.  I think that could really work in Reid’s space.  I love anything that adds function!  Right now, I’ll probably just work on the decor and see how it comes along while keeping that window in mind.

Did you have a favorite?  Do you have a bed in front of the window?


Finding a Just-Right Desk

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month, I did a product picks post for Houzz where I highlighted a collection of desks.  After all, it is that time of year where everyone is buckling down and schoolwork takes priority.  My search was loosely based on a desk that might work for Lacey in her room.  There isn’t much space to contend with – it will have to sit next to her bed where typically a second nightstand would be.


I’ve had a bit of trouble finding the right desk for our big girl’s room.  For now, Lacey still does homework in the kitchen where she can pretend to focus and I can answer (google?) any questions.   What she really needs is a space where she can draw and color and tear up cereal boxes and cut paper into a million little pieces.  She likes to take random stuff and create with it so her room is usually full of scraps.  (Of crap!)

Lacey is at a tough age because a tall 7 year old is really too big for a kid’s desk.  That being said, a grown-up desk is a little on the large side.  I’m actually eyeing an Ikea desk at the moment because the size is right but I need to see the color in person to see if it will work.

My desk collection at Houzz is a bit different than usual because I was limited to products sold on Houzz.  I still think there are plenty of good finds though if you are looking.  The prices run the gamut but so do the shoppers so there is a little something for everyone.


And of course,  several people mentioned that they needed large desks with storage and more function.  I’m the queen of practicality so I get this but I was on a specific search for a petite desk to suit her needs.  YES, she may require all of that down the road but I need something transitional for now.   I’d likely put a larger student desk where her toy storage is when she is a bit older.

The most important factor in the desk hunt is the bottom line.  I wouldn’t mind a garage sale or Goodwill find but something from Target, Ikea, or World Market could work too.  I’ll keep you posted.





City House: Lacey’s Room

Dear Friends,

I wanted to start the week off with a bang!  Home decor posts have been nonexistent since we moved.  I’m more than ready to share what we have been doing around here.  Thankfully, I have plenty of material for the blog moving forward.

Lacey’s room is coming along nicely so I thought I’d start there.  She inherited the guest room bed since we no longer have a guest space.  It is a queen which is big, but she got the larger room so she has enough space for it.  I wanted to use as much of her existing stuff as possible in the decor.

The girl chose a pink room which I wasn’t jumping up and down about but we made it work.


I”ll admit, I love the cornice over the bed.  I was stressing about not having a window or door to put it on but this might be even better.   The green buffalo check helped put a bandaid on the pink overload.   Honestly, I didn’t even think Lacey was that big of a pink fan but her likes and dislikes change seasonally.  At least it is a peachy pink – White Oleander by Sherwin Williams if you are wondering.


The only new addition is the comforter and shams set.  I love the strawberry pattern.  The reverse is a pink chevron.  We got it (on sale!) from Garnet Hill Kids.  The brand is Morgan and Milo.  The coverlet was on our guest room bed before and reverses to a light blue.


I’m still strongly considering  a desk for Lacey.  I’d like something inexpensive and on the small side.


Her room looks finished in these pictures but we are still working on the other half.  For reference, you can see how it looked before the cornice.


It is nice for me to have some finished-looking pictures to look at.   When things are in progress, it seems like nothing is actually done so this is a pretty good confidence booster.  Lacey’s room was my favorite at the old house so I was anxious about making it equally sweet and fun.


Update on Reid’s Jeep Room

Dear Friends,

It happened again.  Last week’s teeny tiny project paved the way to a wee bit bigger project. After Reid’s bedrail got an update, I was itching to work in his space a little more. His room was abandoned a few months back.  Honestly, I lost my motivation somewhere over the summer.


I finally added a much-needed bookshelf to store some of his goodies.  Little projects, picture frames, and other 3 year old boy treasures are on full display. We have had that bookshelf for several years and I honestly can’t remember where it was in our old house.   It has spent an embarassing amount of time on the floor of the guest room at this house.


Sometimes I think about painting those lamps.  They pick up the green in his duvet but they are a little much with some of the red.  Hmmm.  Maybe bright blue?


I also will probably put something on the dresser but I haven’t decided what yet.  Books or a tray or a toy or two?  Hard to say.

I see little boys spaces that sometimes make me sad because you know they reflect a designer as opposed to the boy in question.  I’m happy to report that this is a tried and true Reid room even if it won’t win any awards anytime soon!  I want to celebrate the very loose race car/Jeep theme without overdoing it.

And yes, I found another use for that duct tape.



Jazzing Up the Bedrail

Dear Friends,

Reid has a bedrail in his room now due to his wild thrashing sleep habits.   I was hoping to avoid it but no such luck.  I have heard that some people are able to use a pool noodle wrapped in a blanket to create that boundary; however, boy wonder has got mad skillz when it comes to working his way off of the bed.


Bed rails are ugly.  They make me think of hospitals and nursing homes which is much too depressing for a fun little boy room.

I always find solutions for things when I’m not looking.  I picked up a roll of Duck brand duct tape thinking I could do something fun with it in Reid’s room.  And voila!


Much better, don’t you think?  It took me about two minutes to makeover the bed rail from start to finish.  Reid loves the “race track” which means I may be adding a little more somewhere else.


Have you joined the duct tape craze?




Silhouette Pillow

Dear Friends,

I popped in HomeGoods a couple weeks ago for the first time in months.  That might be my longest absence since it came to Charlotte several years ago.  I was looking at lamps but came home with a sweet pillow for Lacey instead.  I haven’t touched her room since the initial room reveal.

I talked about getting a desk over the summer but we never got around to do it.  It isn’t an immediate need so things will stay as is for now.

The pillow is a silhouette of a pony-tailed girl.  Just too sweet to pass up AND it was the perfect pink.


I’m trying to only buy things that I LOVE as opposed to things I like. I’m a sucker for deals so it is tough to pass up items with potential. However, this was an easy decision. I saw it and was sold.


I’ve always thought of sewing a couple of pillows for her bed but I didn’t have any real plan. Now I have an inspiration piece!  A pillow or two but nothing too noticeable so an not to take away from the rest of the bedding.  I could use a good fabric hunt.


Lacey insisted on being in a picture with her new pillow.  You can’t actually see it but you can tell that she likes it!  We don’t do a lot of random buying for the kids so it was nice that she appreciated it.  I wasn’t sure if she would care but she has been making sure it is front and center when making up her bed.

I love decor that brings a smile.




Nursery for Him: Using Gender Neutral Bedding

Dear Friends,

Last week, I showed you a nursery for my sister’s future baby.  Not bun-in-the-oven future but in Team Auntie’s fantasies future.  Yeah, that.

You remember now.

Today, I am sharing a totally new design for a boy but with the same bedding, chair, and paint color.  Rock on.  Save money by  changing the accents and you can put it all toward that mega-dollar stroller that you have to have.

I was once a stroller collector.  Some people collect china dolls.  I collected strollers. I blame consignment shopping. Perhaps if I’d bought the high dollar one in the first place…

Neutral Nursery


And just for comparison’s sake, here they are together:



The nursery business is fun. By the time this kid is a tadpole instead of my fantasy baby, he or she will have a portfolio of nursery choices. If I have anything to say about that…


Lacey’s Space {An Update}

Dear Friends,

Hello, my name is Erin and I’m a recovering space tweaker.  In the past, no room has been safe from a sudden spontaneous makeover.  Yet, I say “recovering” because there is one room where I haven’t been tempted to change a single thing and it has been almost a year since completion. Lacey’s room has been untouched for nearly 365 days.


Hold your horses, that might be a first!  Mark this day as monumental.  My one year roomiversary.


I haven’t messed with Lacey’s room because it is my favorite space in the house if you don’t count the screened porch. No tweaking necessary.


(dresser makeover can be found here)

I don’t necessarily love the yellow walls but Lacey feels strongly about the color.  It is her happy place.


This is where I mention that I do need to make a teeny tiny change.  The play kitchen is going to be replaced by a desk. We always knew this would happen but it seems like now is the time. During her quiet time, she likes to color and cut and doing all of that in the floor makes a royal mess.

I’m on a desk hunt – any suggestions?  I’m considering everything from Craig’s List to Amazon and I’ll probably research it to death like everything else.

Big and expensive is out.  I want something small and budget-friendly.

Picture 14

I like this KidKraft model and I’ve had good luck with that brand.  Of course I wouldn’t turn down a $25 yard sale or Craig’s List find either…

Reid’s room is still in progress.  I’ve been sidetracked by his crazy food allergies but I’d like to get that in the win column this summer.

Cheers to a finished room that does not tempt me to tweak! Today, Emily A Clark is hosting a Kids’ Spaces link-up and I’m excited to participate. Check out the other fun spaces.


Any thoughts on a desk?


P.S.  Want more info on the bedroom?  Sources & details can be found in part one and part two of last year’s post.


Sneak Peek {Paint}

Dear Friends,
    I had planned on a little reveal post today but my MacBook decided to sabotage me.  I can’t complain as it has been a zero-issue computer but I might be forced to go to the Apple Store.  I shudder because every time I go to the mall it looks as if people have camped outside the place.   I’m trying a few things on my own first although I’m not a computer medic by any means.   Sigh!

On a happy note, we are moving right along on Reid’s room.  The paint is finished and I’ve got most of the furniture back in place.

This picture makes the gray look darker than it is.  I’ll make sure to take photos for the reveal post on a light-filled day.  Reid LOVES the blue ceiling and the orange stripe.  Anyone that comes into our home is now fair game for a personal room tour given by Reid.

I’m glad he loves it because the process has been painful.  I knew he would not like the disruption and I was pretty dead-on.  He likes his ducks in a row and furniture in the hall does not qualify.  That was one reason I waited to paint because I knew I wanted the process to be as streamlined as possible.
Well, wish we me luck with my computer.   I’m trying some updates and condensing storage.  Yawn.

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