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Fun Sheet Sets

Dear Friends, This blog was born out of a love of catalogs.  That and a lot of daydreaming while I was tied to home base with a newborn and a two year old.   My days are no longer spent confined to nap schedules or legislated by nursing times but I still love to flip […]

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Spring Fluffing

Dear Friends, Spring is here.  Blooming azaleas and bright yellow pollen are covering the land.  Despite a drippy nose, I’m a big fan of all things spring.   Most of my decor has a spring vibe anyway so I’m more than happy to put away the pinecones and start nesting. This year I went for […]

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Lockers for Reid

Dear Friends, I had a lucky shopping day at Hobby Lobby recently.  My local store isn’t particularly close so I’m doubly glad to hit pay dirt when I go.  I love their selection of knobs and paper crafts. However, this go around I got a bedside table for Reid. Call it a nightstand or a […]

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Donut Mania

Dear Friends, Doughnuts are trending.  It is a beautiful thing. Last May, I co-hosted a doughnut-themed baby shower for my sister.  I had a grand time seeking out all things doughnut (donut?!) related.  I’m a tried and true doughnut girl no matter how you spell it.  My sister may win the title of Doughnut Queen […]

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Sailing on the Disney Dream

Dear Friends, I went on my very first cruise and lived to tell about it.   Mr. C and I regularly watch Dateline and 48 hours so we were prepared for the absolute worst that could happen.   Dysentery, shipwrecks, and food rationing were at the forefront of our minds but luckily, Disney is a […]

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Inspiration: When a Bed is in Front of the Window

Dear Friends, On Tuesday, I mentioned my window dilemma in Reid’s room.  The bed in front of the window just drives me nuts but it inspired me to go looking for solutions.  I love to browse images anyway so this was just an excuse to lose myself in the hunt. Most of these involve window […]

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Space Challenge: Reid’s Room in Progress

Dear Friends, Today, I’m posting “before” pictures of Reid’s room and the “after” is barely even in the works.  I’ve got big ideas but some challenges as well. Reid’s room has been a blank slate since we moved in last May.  We placed his furniture, made his bed, and never really did much else.  I was motivated […]

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New Kitchen Decor

Dear Friends, Christmas came in February this year. Back in December, I picked out a couple of marble cutting boards as a gift from my parents.  They ended up backordered and I got them two months post-holiday.  Honestly, what is more fun than a surprise gift that you’ve almost forgotten about? I don’t actually need […]

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This & That Monday: deals, dinner, and a work in progress

Dear Friends, Happy Monday.  It is unusually exciting here because Mr. C is home after a looong business trip.  We did pretty well for the first several days but by day seven I was in survival mode. Kudos to all of the single moms out there. Or the Moms with husbands who travel on a […]

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Reid is Five: A Birthday Survey & Summary

Dear Friends, Reid turned five yesterday.  There is no question he is a big boy now.  However, that big boy still has a little boy voice and likes little boy things so we can save the tears for first grade when all of that stuff goes out the window.  I’ve got another year at least […]

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