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New Lighting {Kitchen & Family Room}

Dear Friends,
   My birthday came early this year.  The big day isn’t until the end of the month but my in-laws generously gifted us with the light that I was coveting for the family room.  So, goodbye fan.  I didn’t feel your cool breeze ten feet in the air.  And your light was stingy at best. You were certainly an attractive, craftsman style beauty (for a fan) so I’ll give you that.

Hello, Not-A-Fan.  I love your 15 bulb capacity.  And your brilliant light reminds us that no, we are not nocturnal after-all even if we do squint like little moles while we get used to your heavenly glow.

That light was a beast to put up.  We left it to the professionals and I still had to hide in the other room because I was having serious anxiety watching the cirque du soleil take place in my family room.  
I splurged on a new kitchen lantern after saying I wasn’t going to. I no longer had to save for a family room chandelier, so why not?  I can justify with the best of them.
Why, yes, that lantern was featured on Catalog Friday a while back.  🙂
I’m glad I decided to change up the kitchen light.  I really liked the other one but it didn’t fit as well with the kitchen’s new look. I’m selling it on Craig’s List along with the fan so I will be reimbursed for most of it.
Lighting for the new house?  Check.  It feels good to cross something totally off the list! 
Sources for the kitchen lighting can be found here.
Sources for the family room lighting can be found here.

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