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Colorful Wooden Silhouettes

Dear Friends, Happy Summer!  I’m right in the thick of it between swim team, camps, and travel.  I kind of love it.  We haven’t deviated too far from a typical schedule but boy do I enjoy the snippets of down time that appear here and there.  I’m exhausted at the end of the day from […]

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Inexpensive Fireplace Surround Update

Dear Friends, I have been focusing on the family room since the New Year dawned.  We spend the most time there so it makes sense to use it as a jumping off point for the rest of the house.   I’ve been happy with our painted bookcase backs but over Christmas I decided the brown […]

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New Year, New Stripes

Dear Friends, I’ve got a permanent case of the stripes.  Whether it is clothes, fabric, walls or even ceilings I’m smitten.  I’ve been a stripes girl for years- dating back as far as my high school wardrobe.  Just about every house I’ve lived in has been a victim in some capacity.   Why should this […]

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2015 Christmas Tour

Dear Friends, The Christmas boxes are stacked in the garage and the house is finished.  I chose to step away and call it done despite more ideas, the desire to further tweak, and plenty of imperfection.  I’m thoroughly enjoying a festive house and I know the rest of the family is.  I love how warm […]

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Southern Christmas Inspiration

Dear Friends, Well, it isn’t the holiday season until I’ve been to the Southern Christmas show.  Just before Thanksgiving, we had our annual girls’ outing to the biggest Christmas extravaganza around. We shopped until we dropped and by the time we left I was feeling geared up for the holiday. This was Lacey’s second year […]

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New Adventures

Dear Friends, Do you know what I can’t stand?  Cliff hangers.  I don’t enjoy my favorite shows ending for the season with a giant “what the heck?” I feel like my life this fall has been all about jumping off the ledge without knowing what will happen.  For a planner like myself, taking risks doesn’t come […]

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This Little Piggy went to Market

Dear Friends, Yes, I just referred to myself as swine in a public forum.  I’m punchy because it is the end of another long week but for once Sunday can’t come fast enough.  I’m having the ultimate wish granted for a design junkie like myself.  adorable painting from WaterInMyPaint I’m heading to market. Now if […]

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Ode to School & September

Dear Friends, Well, I can’t let the whole month of September pass without acknowledging back to school time for the kiddos .  This year was particularly special because I have a kindergartner and second grader.  That means everyone is in the same spot for the first time ever.  It feels like a big milestone as […]

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Open Shelving in My Kitchen

Dear Friends, I’ve drooled over many a magazine picture with open shelving in the kitchen.  However, as you know by now,  I’m a hopelessly practical gal.  I’ve never been able to convert.  I like to hide my junk, you know what I mean?  Keep the clutter behind the cabinets! Regardless, in this house there are […]

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Going Gray

Dear Friends, This summer I started a collection of gray paint swatches. It started off innocently with a card or two but spiraled into a burning need for more, more, more.  I may have contracted a case of paint swatch perfectionism.  I’ve got every brand known to man and yet I couldn’t pull the trigger […]

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